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«All about CO2» – Actually, our credo says it all: At ASCO, we are exclusively committed to this gas in all its facets and variations.

In more than 130 years, our technical experience has grown out from our customers' needs and market requirements. Based on this knowledge in the recovery, application and production of CO2 and dry ice, we create added value for our customers.

Innovation is the key for our mutual success in the future. This means more than just the development of new products: We focus exclusively on the individual requirements of our customers. Our product range includes in addition to technologically advanced machinery and equipment, also special-purpose-projects, security concepts, training and consulting – simply all the components to bring a CO2 project to a successful conclusion.

Personally, I am convinced that our combination of innovations in product performance and service offer brings a competitive advantage to our customers. We look forward to play our part and to ensure you reach your goals.

Marco Pellegrino 
Managing Director / CEO

T: 41 71 466 80 90
F: 41 71 466 80 66

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