The ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology has been used for years in many industries. This powerful, dry, non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning method is regularly applied in the following markets.


Online cleaning of hot ingot moulds

Moulds do not have to be disassembled nor cooled down
before cleaning

Removal of release agent from a PU core box
Cleaning of a core box in the automotive industry

Cleaning of a coldbox in a grey iron foundry

Printing and Paper Industry

Printing machine before and after cleaning

Printing clamps before and after cleaning

Printing machine before and after cleaning

The removal of paper residues and lubrication oil from paper
production machines also serves for the elimination of fire hazard

Plastics Industry

Cleaning of plastic injection moulds

Injection moulds before and after cleaning

Injection moulding heating element
Cleaned injection mould for pet bottles

PU-production: Removal of release agent
Automated mould cleaning done by a robot

Mould cleaning in PU-industry

PU-mould before and after cleaning with dry ice

Food Industry

Removal of tomato and cheese residues in a pizza bakery

Cleaning of waffle irons in a bakery

Electric Components

As dry ice blasting is a dry cleaning method, also electric parts
can be cleaned gently

Winding before and after cleaning

Rotor before and after cleaning

Semiconductors before and after cleaning

Rubber Industry

Cleaning of a tyre mould
Moulds for the production of tennis balls

Automotive Industry

Cleaning of ingot moulds and core boxes

Cleaning of tyre moulds and moulds for the PU production

Facility Management / Cleaning Companies

Cleaning of different kind of façades

With ASCOJET dry ice blasting machines vertical hose
extensions up to 35 m are possible

Cleaning of wooden surfaces

Removal of climbers from a façade and asphalt cleaning in a tunnel

Fire damage before and after cleaning

Veteran Cars

Paint removal and underside cleaning

Wheel case before and after cleaning

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