CO2 and Dry Ice Logistics Switzerland and Liechtenstein

ASCO Dry Ice and CO2 Supply – Fresh. Flexible. Reliable.

ASCO offers substantial CO2 and dry ice supply. We are pleased to supply you with freshly produced pellets in different diameters in insulated dry ice boxes. Your order can be placed by phone +41 71 466 80 80 or with our order form.


CO2 Supply and In-house Dry Ice Production

Have you ever considered producing dry ice yourself?

In-house dry ice production starts paying at a need of several hundred lbs dry ice per week because of all the advantages. All you need is a dry ice production machine, a CO2 storage tank and liquid CO2. In this context, ASCO offers various dry ice production machines with different production capacities and CO2 storage tanks in different standard sizes.

We are also in a position to provide interesting all-in-all CO2 concepts, these can be realised without making any major investments. The supply of liquid CO2 will be arranged for automatically. Our CO2 solutions meet the demand of dry ice and can easily be adjusted if demand changes. We will also be pleased to find your individual cost saving solution so that best benefit can be achieved whilst producing dry ice in-house.

ASCO provides support in planning and organisation so that the ideal dry ice and CO2 supply logistics solution can be realised. Please contact us.

In various countries we offer complete dry ice production and CO2 concepts which will give you the following benefits:


  • Less dry ice loss due to sublimation
  • More flexibility as you always have freshly produced dry ice at your disposal
  • Better and faster cleaning results because the fresher the dry ice, the more effective the cleaning
  • Less dry ice used
  • Shorter production standstills
  • less time and money spent on buying and transporting

All these benefits lead to more quality and flexibility in the daily working process and remarkable cost savings.

We support our customers building up their CO2 and dry ice business and are pleased to provide our experience and advice in regards to dry ice storage, dry ice wrapping and supply various ancillary dry ice equipment and ancillary CO2 equipment such as our CO2 Gas Detector.