The desalination of seawater is the only possibility to generate drinking water for many regions of the world. Thereby, the water's PH regulation is of utmost importance which is why an on-site CO2 Production or Recovery System becomes useful especially for these applications.


CO2 Stack Gas Recovery Plant (SGR)

The CO2 stack gas recovery plant enables to recover CO2 from flue gas production of boilers or other flue gas sources.

The flue gas is separated from sulphur compound in a CO2 washer (scrubber) before it is transported into the absorber where it is absorbed by the specially formulated ASCOSORB solvent. This ASCOSORB solvent is heated by the steam-controlled reboiler in order to separate the CO2 gas again.


CO2 Production Plant (CPS)

This technology is based on the absorption of CO2 from stack gas into an aqueous monoethanolamine solution with the subsequent separation process by heating with a steam-controlled reboiler. The required CO2 quality according to the ISBT standards is reached after compression and liquefaction.