ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery Plant (SGR)

ASCO’s innovative ASCOSORB CO2 stack gas recovery technology turns your vent flue gas into a usable and profitable source of CO2.

CO2 gas won by an ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery System is a by-product of flue gas production from boilers as well as from other flue gas sources offering an economic CO2 source to any CO2 consumer or reseller.

The flue gas initially treated for removal of sulphur compounds before it is transported into the absorber where the CO2 gas is extracted by absorption utilising with our specially formulated ASCOSORB solvent. This ASCOSORB solvent is then thermally treated by the steam-controlled reboiler in order to separate the CO2 gas from the absorption solution.

After the subsequent compression, purification and liquefaction the CO2 quality meets the specifications of ISBT.

We support our customers building up their CO2 business and are pleased to also provide advice on CO2 storage, supply various CO2 ancillary equipment or complete the CO2 production with a dry ice production. Furthermore, we offer solutions for the pressure treatment and ph neutralisation.


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ASCO CO2 Stack Gas Recovery Plant (SGR)