Advantages over other cleaning methods

Advantages over other cleaning methods


ASCO Dry Ice Blasting is virtually non-abrasive. This means that in comparison to traditional blasting methods with sand or glass beads, the cleaned surfaces are not damaged or altered. So for example the edges of ingots moulds (especially in closing areas) will not be rounded out. Any arising of fins will therefore be avoided.


No dismantling

ASCO Dry Ice Blasting has the advantage that it can be applied directly to the moulds/plants without disassembling them. This saves you valuable time. Even hot moulds such as ingot moulds in foundries can be cleaned on-line. ASCO Dry Ice Blasting has minimal effect on mould temperature allowing virtually continuous production. This way ASCO Dry Ice Blasting can easily be applied regularly and integrated in the daily working process, thus supporting quality assurance and process reliability.



ASCO Dry Ice Blasting is a dry cleaning method. Therefore even delicate parts like switch boards and other electric components can be cleaned gently. Also in other industries where moisture would lead to problems (e.g. food industry) this cleaning method is applied regularly.


No residual blasting media 

ASCO Dry Ice Blasting leaves no residual blasting media behind because the dry ice pellets sublimate immediately after impact on the surface. Therefore the time and costs associated with disposal of blasting media are eliminated.


Ecologically friendly

ASCO Dry Ice Blasting is ecologically friendly. As mentioned, no residual blasting media has to be disposed of and no solvents or chemicals are needed.

CO2 is gained as a by-product of other production processes (for example from the production of ammonia or from combustion processes). In all industrial countries CO2 is not produced separately and the combustion of fossil fuels in order to produce CO2 only has disappeared completely.