ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R

The ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R has been revised to optimise the production of dense dry ice blocks in various sizes by compressing dry ice pellets. Be it in combination with an existing or with a new dry ice pelletizer, the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R is a very convenient tool to complement the dry ice pellet business with dry ice blocks.

As an option, we offer the ASCO Pellet Feeder and the ASCO Podium for automatically filling the dry ice reformer with pellets from a dry ice pelletizer.

Further options and accessories of the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R are listed on the product leaflet (download PDF).

We support our customers building up their dry ice business and are pleased to also provide our advice in regards to CO2 recoverydry ice storage and dry ice wrapping. Of course we also supply various ancillary dry ice equipment such as our CO2 Gas Detector.

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ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R

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