Transportable CO2 Tank

CO2 Storage with ASCO – High-quality. Wide Range. Reliable.

ASCO supplies different sizes of Transportable (demountable) CO2 Tanks which can be mounted on any suitable truck or trailer of the rigid flat type.

Transportable Tanks are a cost saving alternative to conventional road tankers as the operator may use the vehicle for other duties as well as bulk CO2 transport. The tank is a self-contained unit mounted on a base frame and when empty it can easily be craned on or off as required. Suitable lifting lugs are on the top of the tank. The special design of both our Transportable CO2 Tanks and Semi-Trailers allows simple operation. A lockable machinery compartment houses the transfer pump and motor, control valves, contents and pressure gauges and pipework.

While Transportable (demountable) CO2 Tanks provide cost efficiency, our CO2 Semi-Trailers provide even more logistics efficiency.

We support our customers building up their CO2 business and also supply various CO2 Ancillary Equipment such as our Atmospheric CO2 Vaporiser, CO2 Gas Detector, CO2 Filling System LH800AR or our CO2 Flowmeter etc.



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Transportable CO2 Tank

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